Septic System Information

Moving from the city to the country has many perks. The views, the fresh country air, and the wildlife can be spectacular. However in the country you don’t have your normal amenities like gas stations, restaurants, or even the public sewer. Some people are scared of a septic system so they don’t learn about it and don’t maintain it causing costly and time consuming repairs. The purpose of this page is to provide you with some basic information and Do’s and Don’ts in regards to your onsite wastewater system. To start with, the terms septic system and onsite wastewater treatment or wastewater system are all interchangeable and will be used as such in the provided documents. For the prolonged life of your system and the safety of the environment, please read these forms and become educated on your system so that the beautiful country views and country air doesn’t become tainted by a failing system and the smells associated therein.


How to maintain your Septic Tank

Septic System Do’s and Don’t Do’s