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Providing professional, independent and impartial:

Septic Systems Inspections

Advanced Septic Systems Inspections

Lagoon Inspections

 Water Well Inspections


Water Quality Testing


 First Impressions Environmental, LLC will provide you a snapshot of the current condition of the wastewater system, will ensure the well is safe from surface contamination sources and will test the water to check for the presence of Bacteria and Nitrates.


Do you want to purchase a home with a wastewater system that is in failure or not functioning correctly? Though any change in the use of a system can cause unforeseen issues, having it inspected can identify potential risk. Septic System replacements can cost upwards of $12,000. Lagoons that aren’t properly maintained can produce a terrible odor and a possible sewer back-up into the home.

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Having the water tested for Bacteria (a cause of various stomach illnesses) and for Nitrates (a serious health risk for pregnant mothers and infants) assures a buyer they are drinking water that meets the State Safe Drinking Water Standards (as verified by a State certified lab).

 We will provide you a detailed, clear and concise report listing any deficiencies found as well as any repair recommendations. With over 14 combined years of Septic System, Lagoon and Well inspection experience with Sedgwick County, you know you’re getting a quality inspection.

Why Us?

First Impressions Environmental, LLC does not perform repairs on the well or septic system. This means that we have no interest in finding deficiencies in order to obtain additional repair work. We are truly independent inspectors with no agenda and nothing to gain other than your respect for doing a thorough and honest inspection.

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 First Impressions Environmental, LLC is a member company of the National Association of Wastewater Technicians, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Kansas Environmental Health Association, and the Kansas Small Flows Association.

Our service area includes most of South Central and Southern Kansas including: Sedgwick County, Butler County,  Andale,  Andover,  Augusta,  Bel Aire,  Bentley,  Cheney,  Clearwater,  Colwich, Derby,  El Dorado, Garden Plain,  Goddard,  Haysville,  Kechi,  Leon,  Maize,  Mount Hope,  Mulvane, Newton, Park City,  Rose Hill,  Sedgwick, Towanda,  Viola, Wichita (Wastewater), Anthony and more. If you’re not sure if we cover it, call us.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can payment be made at Closing?
    • No, unless special arrangements have been made.
    • We do accept cash, check, or credit card and ask that it be paid prior to releasing the report. Credit cards are taken online via an emailed invoice for your security.
  2. Do I need to schedule the pumper or does FIE do it?
    • Because you are financially responsible for the pumping, it is up to you to choose and schedule a pumper. If you need help coordinating, FIE will gladly make connections for you.
  3. Are your inspections guaranteed?
    • Inspections on these systems can not be guaranteed due to the nature of the inspection. They are however a snapshot of current quality, approximate age, and approximate remaining lifespan of the system. Any change of use can cause failure.
  4. I can’t schedule a water test for Friday. Why is that?
    • The lab we are contracted with does not accept samples on Fridays without imposing a $500 fee. Therefore, we do not accept samples on Fridays or after 2pm on Thursdays to guarantee we have it to the lab on time.
  5. Why First Impressions Environmental over another company?
    • Because we are awesome. In reality, between the two of us we have over 20 years of installation and inspection experience and with Aaron’s degree in Medical Microbiology the science is right up our alley. The expertise and friendly experience you gain from FIE will not only help you in your purchase, but as an agent will help you learn to better serve future clients.

Thank you!